Some time ago I had the chance to see my daughter learn to play video games by leading her to these games:

Cool thing about it is that it has different groups of games to teach how to play with moving the cursos, clicking, and dragging stuff.

Sampler game for kids

There’s this music sample game that works as a sampler where by clicking the owls you switch on a sample that will loop and together with the others, a whole arrangement is looped.

Owl music looper game 

So, some time after that (that is, today, this Sunday), I grabbed my Akai LPD8 MIDI controller and started hacking a few lines to check if Web MIDI could help with triggering the samples.

It did work. Unfortunately the whole code for the game objects is defined inside a closure that wouldn’t allow to me to do stuff easily but it worked.

I’m still working on it and it seems that it’s gonna be super easy to recreate the game with other custom figures.

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