Today I learned – Measure

The measure is the number of characters in a single line of a column of text. HTML doesn’t have a concept of columns per se, instead text is held within boxes. [...] When typographers set the measure and text size for printed media, those dimensions are fixed and unchangeable in their physical manifestation. In this … Continue reading Today I learned – Measure

Furtive CSS For the Win

I've found Furtive CSS really useful for my side-projects. Although it offers few components, its clarity is straightforward. Every width, height, etc is defined in rem. So, by updating the <html> element's font-size, everything resizes perfectly on the fly. On one of my last projects (which is an UI for my site) I had … Continue reading Furtive CSS For the Win

Sagrada Familia – 2026

It seems to me the only explanation for new towers hiding existing beautiful towers is that Gaudí thought of building it with a Continuous Integration approach. The whole building is beautiful and functional (sunlight everywhere inside) on each stage even when it's unfinished.

How to modularize a intensive app using middleware

… so this is that post for modularizing apps that rely largely on events. This is for the ones that believe on the single-reponsibility principle and don’t find an example for this when trying to fit in an app that starts demanding some structure. tl;dr You can create middleware functions and export … Continue reading How to modularize a intensive app using middleware


I'm happy today because I was nominated yesterday as an OSGeo chart member by mmiranda and Jeff McKenna. Two great open source geo developers and advocates from the OSGeo Foundation. I'm glad to be part of the supporting community for this foundation. The nomination per-se is not a big deal. I won't have too much … Continue reading OSGeo

Three usage scenarios with browserify

Some prior words on browserify debug mode First of all, remember that browserify will, by default function in debug mode. That is why the first time you try browserify you'll see a lot of gibberish characters appended to the browserified file. Every scenario described here, has its own way of disabling the debugging (i.e. disabling source … Continue reading Three usage scenarios with browserify